Ironic that I am blogging about my packing tips and I hate packing! I would probably say that this is my least favourite part about travelling. But it’s an essential if you want to travel really! What to pack kinda depends on where you are going. However these are tips on how to get the most in your bag as well as help when you get to the airport and they tell you “your bag is over weight”! Been there many a time! So here are Bee’s top 3 packing tips:

Bee’s packing tip number 1: Pack for your location

If your going on a ski season do you really need a pair of high heels probably not! And if you do please let me see you walk in the snow or on ice in them!! Make sure your packing items are required for your adventure that awaits.

This also goes the other way. When I was at summer camp I never packed enough “nice” clothes for the times we went out. Or for after camp when I was travelling and wanting to look my best for my Instagram pictures!

Packing tip 1: Plan your outfits

Bee’s packing tip number 2: Weigh your luggage

I don’t mean like every time you pack but at least the initial packing. Especially if you have bought a new suitcase and you are not sure how much will fit. All of the new suitcases seem to be getting bigger and not always is that a good thing. The standard you get on a flight is around 23kg depending on what you pay for and depending on airline! Without even having to sit on my suitcase I can be over that weigh limit and I wouldn’t even say I have a big case. By weighing your case beforehand you know you are not going to be airing your undies in the middle of the airport for the world to see!

I have a small digital set of scales that just give me an idea of how much kit I have actually got! Where possible I try to take them especially if going somewhere for a long time as I always end up with more and more stuff. I also found that I can be a lot more ruthless if I need to be and know that I can’t take the stuff.

Bee’s top packing tips – weigh your packing

Bee’s packing tip number 3: Packing Cubes

I never really understand the need for these until I travelled around America for two summers. I would often spend at maximum of three nights somewhere before moving on. If you know your suitcase and how the packing cubes fit in. They make it a lot easier to grab what you need and put them back in. Without feeling like your whole suitcase has emptied into the middle of the room!

They come in different sizes. I personally pack all of the same things in each one. So one with trousers or dresses and then a separate one with tops. Other people have loads of small ones and put a whole outfit in one cube. This really does mean that you can just take out what you need and not the whole case. It does however mean you have to stick with the outfit you planned when packing and I don’t think I could do that.

Packing cubes

These also are a massive help when you get to the airport and your bag is over the weight limit! I was often seen walking round the airport with one of my packing cubes in my hand! Usually the trouser and dress one as this would be the most weight to help me not have to pay the extra for my suitcase. Packing cubes are also multi-functional as they come in handy as a pillow on the plane!!

If Bee’s top 3 packing tips have helped you get your packing head on please leave a comment, tell me any tips your have and let me know what else you would like tips on or read more about me and what I have been up to in my life without uni.