During my first summer as an outdoor activity instructor I applied for some other ski season jobs. With the events of the last season I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to go back to the same company. Read my blog about 3 things I learnt on my first ski season to get an understanding of why. However lots of other companies would not give me a rep job. That same thing again about my age even though I already have a season with experience as a ski rep. So in the end I settled with going back to the company I had worked for the first season.

Alpe d’Huez

Going back to the same company wasn’t ideal. However it was a job as a rep for the ski season which is what I wanted. Or so I thought until I spoke to them. At which point they informed me that I could have a bar job in Alpe d’Huez but not a rep job. The reason they gave me was that they had changed the requirements for the job and they wanted all reps this year to be able to speak French. If I took the bar job, I could improve my French because the bar at Alpe d’Huez was a public bar. This would mean in future seasons I would be ready for the rep job. Not exactly what I wanted but it was a job and I was desperate to go back on season even if that meant without the job I wanted.

Est-ce que tu parles français?

When I arrived in France one of the first things I asked the new reps was if they spoke French. Funnily enough they didn’t, and probably spoke even less than I did! However there was nothing I could do now. I was there to “improve my french” and enjoy my bar job. The bar job wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. I think there were five bar staff and a bar manager, who I got along with a lot better than my previous ski season management and any future managers.

The first couple of weeks passed by, I enjoyed my bar job and I felt a lot happier than I had in my previous season. As the company I worked for was mainly for school trips, during some weeks such as Christmas and New Year we had adult guests that had booked in smaller groups or couples. I enjoyed these weeks in the bar as it was a lot busier.

Me & my date skiing in Alpe d’Huez

Head office team

During the New Year week some members of the head office team came to stay in our hotel. Some of whom I had met the previous year. This was a really nice week, I went skiing with them, went on nights out and just generally had a great week. During the week they asked me why I hadn’t come back as a rep as they thought I was great last year. They also mentioned that the new reps had barely spoke to them. I explained to them that I had been told I couldn’t have a rep job because I didn’t speak French. They said this was absolute rubbish!

Strangely enough during that same week one of the reps had told the hotel manager that he didn’t want to be a rep and could he change to be a hotel assistant (HA). Rumours then started going around the hotel about who he would be swapping with. I wasn’t even one of the rumours and so I thought it’s not going to be me.

Getting my job back

How wrong was I? The hotel manager asked me to come to her office. So off I went rather worried that I was in trouble. Turns out I wasn’t in any trouble at all. The only thing she wanted to know was if I wanted to work the rep job for the rest of the ski season. Which the obvious answer was yes please. She then asked why I seemed to shocked to be asked. I explained the rumour situation and that I thought that I wasn’t even going to be considered let alone get the job.

After getting my rep job back the ski season got better and better. I no longer had to pull pints and have the odour of beer following me round. I could go ice skating with groups nearly every week. And I even had a ski lesson with the army but that’s a story for another time.