On all of my seasons I found that I was living in the “Bubble”. However during my two summers as an outdoor activity instructor the bubbles seemed to be bigger. Here’s how I found the bubble and what I found to be the pros and cons.

What is the bubble?

Explaining the bubble to someone who hasn’t lived in one, turns out, is harder than I thought it would be! Nobody ever believes me when I say that I didn’t have a clue what was happening in the real world. I have tried before to explain it as living life with blinkers on like a racehorse.

Recently however, the best way I have found to explain the bubble (thanks to one of my lovely housemates) is like being in Love Island. Please don’t judge me, it is a house event that we all sit down and watch together; we treat it as an anthropological study and have intense scholarly discussions afterwards, or so Becca tells me! What I mean though is that I felt cut off from the outside world like the Islanders are. However, it is not all play! In no way is it like sitting in the sun all day for a few weeks working on you tans and finding the love of your life. Although I do know quite a few people who left with a pretty good tan and the love of their life after working a season!

Why I think the bubble happened to me ?

I think there are a few reasons I had no idea what was going on outside of the bubble. One of the reasons is probably down to the fact that I don’t really pay attention to the news. I could be like some people who have news apps on their phones to keep myself connected but this is not really me, I just struggle to find current affairs interesting and feel like this allows me to have a sunnier outlook on life.

Some people opt to live off-site. This allows them to maintain a life outside of the bubble. This was never really an option for me, my parents lived too far away for me to commute and part of the appeal of living and working in the same place was the lack of living costs.

Living with my best friends

Starting with the Cons of living in the bubble

  • Everyone knows your business and the gossip mill kept turning even if there was essentially nothing to fuel it. Sometimes it would feel as if people knew what was going on in your life before you did!
  • Incestuous relationships – with no contact outside the bubble, who else is there to date but each other?
  • You’re disconnected from the world – not really an issue for some people but could leave you in an awkward position when you were exposed!

On to the Pros of living in the bubble

  • Your best friends live around the corner to you, maybe even in the same room!
  • There is always something going on somewhere on site – Parties are a regular thing!
  • They might know your business, but you also know theirs – works both ways!

Overall I really enjoyed my time living in the bubble. Would I want to go back to them? Yes sometimes I really would and also sometimes I really wouldn’t! I do still miss having people around me and the safety and predictability of knowing there is always someone around all the time but being older (possibly wiser), I now appreciate time alone especially when I am trying to write blogs!