For lots of people the hardest part of travelling is the lack of sleep. Whether that be from the long haul travel; or maybe due to a bit too much of burning the candle at both ends. I am one of those lucky people who can literally sleep anywhere. Plus I have also mastered the art of napping! I may even call myself a nap queen! Let me share with you what I do to ensure I get that extra needed sleep when travelling.

Only sleep if you’re actually tired.

If you sleep all the time you won’t sleep when you actually want or need to. For example I am currently sat on a plane to New Zealand, in UK time it is 15:30 and because I slept for most of my first flight and probably half of this flight, my brain is now wide awake. As much as I also know that I need to try and get my body clock changed if you aren’t tired all you will do is stress yourself out about not sleeping!

What do you do at home to get to sleep?

This is a really good starting point with having a nap or a sleep somewhere that isn’t the normal, like a flight. By doing the same as at home your body will know that your asking it to sleep. I am the sort of person who’s brain wonders when I get into bed. Even to the point when I put a physical book down nearly falling asleep turn the light off and my brains awake.

For this reason I personally like to either read on my Kindle until I fall asleep or listen to podcasts. I currently have 2 podcasts, both available on Apple or Google podcasts, that I listen to depending on what kinda mood I am in.

Literally sleep anywhere!

Podcasts I like

The first being “Nothing much happens; bedtime stories for grown ups” part of the curious cast collection. Each episode is about 20-30 minutes long, the narrator (Kathryn) tells a short story, twice. I will be honest I have never been awake at the end of the second one. I also can never remember the next day what the story was about so I can keep listening to the same ones over and over.

The second podcast I enjoy for sleeping is called Sleepy. This one is a little different, the narrator (Otis Grey) reads a bedtime story to you, that you probably know. It can be anything that is out of copyright. One of my favourite ones is Wind in the Willows. These ones are a lot longer meaning I often then try and skip the bits I remember hearing but I think the most I have ever done is 20 minutes.

Get comfy

Getting comfy means different things to different people. If you’re napping in a bed then this part probably wouldn’t apply however for those on the move or napping in an airport. This takes a little bit of trial and error I am afraid. For me there are 3 things to ensure I can sleep anywhere.

Firstly my head has to be well supported. You know when you see people sleeping and their head is swinging all over the place? This is a preventer of sleep for me. It can be as simple as using my arm as a pillow that just puts my head in a supported way or a jumper or something.

This one isn’t a must but I find it always helps. Some form of blanket. Even if thats just my coat over the top of me. I don’t know what it is maybe its a comforting thing or like a protection thing. I always find though that I nap better with a blanket.

My other thing which I think might be the weirdest one is my feet can’t be on the ground or hanging. This often means I have my feet on the seat or tucked to the side on my bag. It also works better with no shoes on. I know gross I promise I have good foot hygiene and clean my feet extra when travelling. I also would never take my shoes off if I thought my feet smelt at all.

How long to nap/ sleep

Really does depend on the situation. Scientists say that the perfect power nap time is 20 minutes. And I do have to agree if I want to boost my productivity a 20 minutes power nap usually does the job.

However if it’s a case of burning the candle at both ends sometimes it requires something like a three hour nap! Just be careful doing this that you don’t sleep through something important.

Hopefully knowing what ensures I can sleep anywhere will help you in the future with napping or sleeping in none traditional places! I’d love to know what others do to help them sleep anywhere! Leave a comment with your tips or if you can’t sleep anywhere maybe you can workout a reason that could be.