Moving back in with your parents is never what you plan to do when you move out. However like many others I have been living with my parents for the last ten weeks. Read about what else I am doing during the lock down here. Making this the second longest time living with them since I left for my first ski season over five years ago, (the longest being when I stopped doing seasonal work before moving to Shrewsbury.) The good news is that next week I am moving back to Shrewsbury. To live with one of my lovely best friends, Bessie. While getting my belongings ready to move I’ve been thinking about what makes it so hard to move back in with your parents. And why it shouldn’t be as big a deal as some people make it out to be!

My friend Bessie!

Let’s start with the positives of living with them

1. Less rent

The likelihood is, that the board that you pay your parents is a lot less than your actual rent. Or for some people (not me) it’s completely free to live with their parents. This is a great way of saving some extra money so that when the time is right you can afford to move out.

2. Food Glorious Food!

One of the things I enjoy about living with my parents. Is my Dad’s cooking. By that I mean, I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner or when I ‘m going to cook it. Or how much my food shop has cost!

Family meal on one of my ski seasons!

So what’s the problems with living with your parents?

1. You have your own routine

The best way I can explain this is: During all my seasons I was allocated one day a week to do my washing. I still very much live by this rule, maybe doing three washes a week at most. For this reason I collect all my washing together and put it all in the wash bin at the same time. Causing the bin to be full and ready to go straight into the washing machine. This is where my parents are different. My parents slowly throughout the week fill the wash bin so that they can do washing every other day. It’s a silly thing but it’s just one way that my routine is different to my parents.

2. They have their own routine

If like me, you’re an only child, or you were the last sibling to fledge the nest, you will find that since you moved out your parents have got used to it being just the two of them. Making life choices for two people instead of the whole family! This causes silly things to happen like they forget to tell you that they’ve got plans on Friday night and you’ll be on your own that night!

Making it a smaller deal

1. It’s not forever

The chances are that this is temporary thing. You’re back to save some money. You’re back between seasons. You’re back while you find the right house. Even if you don’t know when the end date will be the chances are you will be moving out soon-ish!

2. Think about what you’re saving

The cost of living is going up each year. Whether that be if you’re renting, or paying a mortgage, all the bills and the food. At least by living with your parents you’re saving more money for when the time is right for you to move!

3. Quality time together

Having been here for ten weeks, I feel like I have had some quality time with my parents. Whether that be making dinner together. Learning more about the garden (mainly what is a weed!) Going on a little boat trip with Dad. Or learning new sewing techniques with Mum. These are all the things that I will remember from the Covid-19 lock down.

Me and Dad on the boat – excuse his clown hair style!

Overall living with my parents for the last ten weeks hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. However I am glad to be moving out and I know they are too!