I have now been living back in Shrewsbury for the last ten days. It feels good to be back and hopefully soon I will have a new job to go with my new home. Fingers crossed something happens soon. While applying for new jobs I have also been improving my “adult life skills”.

Adult Skills

Improving my adult skills has definitely been something that has happened in the last couple of years. I think this is due to two things. The first being that I have now lived in Shrewsbury for over a year. This is the longest I have lived anywhere since going on my first ski season. Don’t forget to read my blogs all about my ski seasons. The other reason is probably that I am getting to that age where my parents think I should be able to do more things for myself.

As myself and Bess discussed this week, isn’t it amazing the amount of things that parents know about? Just take a moment to think about how often you ring your parents to ask them how to do something? Or what to do with some information from the bank? I know I certainly use my parent’s wealth of knowledge more than using my own brain power or even Google! But how do they know so much about so many things?

I think the real reason they know more is simply that they have done all these things before and learnt these tips, tricks and advice from their parents in the same way as they’re passing the information onto me. Even though I say have learnt three new adult skills this week I would still probably ring my parents before doing any of them again!

So what are these 3 adult skills?

  1. Wallpaper stripping
  2. Wallpaper lining hanging
  3. Painting (as in the walls not a pretty picture)

If you haven’t guessed, we have been decorating, specifically my bedroom. Which is now lovely and finished. I have unpacked and feel really settled now. You’ll have to wait till the end of this blog to see what it looks like, although if you skip to that part don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. So this is how these new skills went.

Adult Skill Number 1 : Wallpaper Stripping

So the stripping of the wall paper wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. We did have a wall paper stripper, as in the steamy thing that softens the paper to make it easier to scrape off (thanks Mum and Dad). My room was probably the worst one for needing decorating in the house due to the fact the walls were covered in woodchip and probably haven’t been properly done since the 1970s/80s. Or whenever the woodchip look was in?

adult skills - wallpaper stripping
adult skills – wallpaper stripping

Adult Skill Number 2:Wallpaper hanging

We wanted to hang lining paper because the walls were not very smooth. This one didn’t go quite as well as the first and involved a few calls to parents for some extra advice. To start we watched a YouTube video, it advised that we put the paper horizontally. At which point I was talking to my mum and she explained you do that if you are putting wallpaper on the top of the lining paper. As we were going to paint the walls we could put the paper vertically. Then the first sheet went on and we thought this isn’t going to be too bad. Until we tried the second! This is when it didn’t go quite to plan and a further phone call was required. Turns out we needed to paste both the paper and the wall, in our defense the YouTube video did not mention this. Once we started doing this the pieces definitely went on quicker and easier!

adult skills – hanging wallpaper lining

Adult Skill Number 3 : Painting a wall

Probably the easiest of the skills and technically I have done this before. In the summer before my first ski season I spent a week painting a granny flat so I had done this before. However this time was way more important as I would be living in the room. And not some old person that probably wouldn’t be able to see how well or bad I had done of a job. The first coat was slow to go on, however the second was done in record time due to not being able to see where you’ve been if you do it too slow.

adult skills – finished painting and all move in

That’s my 3 adult skills for this week

Overall I think this has been a great week having learnt three new adult skills. Especially now I have unpacked and finally have a bed and not just the mattress on the floor. The only thing left to do is hang a few pictures and my long mirror, I think that might be a Dad job though! What adult skills do you think I should also know how to do by now?

Little extra mention for my homemade curtains, made all by myself, under the watchful eye of Mum before I moved out.

curtains made my me!

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