I started sewing in January 2019 after my Grandma gave me her sewing machine. I firstly started learning with Mum and made some lovely items with her. Such as my go to wedding outfit which is now well travelled, having been to Sweden and New Zealand for weddings. When I moved to Shrewsbury, I signed up for sewing classes with a lovely lady called Catherine. This can honestly be one of the best things I have done here. Yes I am, 90% of the time the youngest in the room. But the amazing items that the other ladies make really do inspire me to keep sewing and hopefully one day I will be as good or at least half as good as them. Hopefully during lockdown my completed sewing projects has helped to improve my sewing even just a little bit.

sewing project - jumpsuit
sewing project – jumpsuit – wedding outfit

As you will know if you read my blog post, What does Covid-19 mean for me? back at the start of April, I have been on furlough since then. So during this time I have tried to be productive. Most of my productive-ness has come from sewing new clothes for myself with the help of Mum. One day I would like to say that all my wardrobe is “me made” but for now its about 20% “me made“. So here I thought I would share with you all my sewing projects from lockdown.

Sewing Project 1 – Blouse Number 1

So I had technically started this one before the lock-down. I had been to a sewing class a couple of week beforehand and had started. Though the majority was done while at my parents so I am still counting it. The material came from my Mum’s friend Dee. Who very kindly gifted lots of fabrics she had to me and my Mum. This project is probably one of the harder things I have made, partly because getting the ruffles to fit the fitted body took a lot of time. And if you ask anyone that knows me, patience isn’t really my strongest skill with things like that. Overall though I am really pleased with the outcome of the blouse.

sewing project 1 - blouse
sewing project 1 – blouse

Sewing Project 2 – Fixing of Apron and Oven Gloves

I was gifted the apron at Christmas. However it didn’t have a pocket, and personally I like an apron with a pocket. The pocket is lined with the owl material. As we still have lots of the material we then used it to make the oven gloves to match. Note I said WE it was definitely a joint project as it was also a learning lesson as neither I nor my Mum had made anything like it before. They now have pride and place hanging in my new home.

sewing projects - oven gloves and apron
sewing projects – oven gloves and apron

Sewing Project 3 – Blouse Number 2

Sorry about the picture looks like I have slept in the blouse. Not the case at all, only just put it on for the photo, even washed my hair to look my best. The material came from Mum’s friend Dee again and I didn’t even know this colour would suit me. This blouse pattern came from one of the sew style magazines (not sure which one). I learnt a lot about top stitching on this one. If you look really carefully there is an edge sewn all the way around the blouse which took time and patience.

one of my completed sewing projects during lock-down
sewing project 3 – blouse 2

Sewing Project 4 – Dungarees

These may be my favourite sewing project of the lock-down. I have wanted a pair of dungarees for a long time. The issue I have with bought ones is my shape isn’t the typical manekin shape. Meaning I, like most normal women have curves! This is why making your own clothes works well especially if you are a blend of shop sizes. The pattern came from one of the love sewing magazines, and again the material from Dee. We did have to make a small alteration and take the top in a little. Basically the bottoms fitted perfectly but the top was a little loose, but an easy fix.

sewing project 4 - dungarees
sewing project 4 – dungarees

Sewing Project 5 – Shorts

I shared these on my Instagram the other day (don’t forget to follow me if you’re not already). The excitement of these is that I have made them all by myself and in one day! The pattern was the Safiya Trousers from my new Tilly and the Buttons – Sew Simple book. And I can honestly say this is one of the best sewing books I have. The instructions are clear and all the little added things that you learn with time are included in the instructions. I will be making everything in this book at some point.

sewing project 5 - shorts
sewing project 5 – shorts

Sewing Project 6 – Curtains

You may have already seen these if you read my last blog, 3 adult skills I learnt recently. These are my first pair of curtains made all by me. Mum helped with the cutting out due to my brain not being able to do the maths of the size of the window. They are only just big enough, (because we didn’t have much material), but they do the job which is cover the gaps at the sides of the blind. The material came from Bess’s mum, and I have now signed myself up for making the lounge ones at some point.

curtains made by me
my first curtains made by me for my bedroom

Final sewing project during lockdown

A little while ago there was an announcement asking anyone who could sew to join the Big Community Sew. The idea is that if you can sew you make face coverings for friends and family. We made them from pillow cases, bed sheets left over material from projects. I then sent and gave them to friends and family to ensure they can all be safe when out and about. See the picture below of a family friend modelling the finished work.

final sewing project - the big community sew
final sewing project – the big community sew – thanks Taymar for the beautiful modelling

So for now that’s all my competed lockdown sewing projects. As you can see from the cover image I have got a lovely set up for sewing in my new home and hopefully I will have new projects to share with you soon. Have you made anything during lockdown? Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list so you never miss a blog post. Remember to stay safe and enjoy the sunshine.

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    1. I have a dress cut out, I have started the top part but that’s as far as I have got. ❤️

  1. Fantastic Bee Keep going and you will beable to take in sewing as a part-time job – great show of patience and skill

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