I got a new job during the pandemic. I maybe one in a very few that can currently say this but I am super happy right now and I want to share my joy with you all about how I got it!

As you will know from my previous posts I have been on furlough since 23rd March. What you may not have known is that I also got made redundant at the end of June. In some ways I knew this was going to come eventually, however I didn’t think it would be this soon! This made me especially, worried having heard so much in the news about how many people are currently job hunting.

The hunt for a new job begins

However before I got made redundant I had already started to job hunt, just in case. I had applied for a few jobs, not hearing anything back from many of them. One I did hear back from, told me they had, had over 250 applicants over a weekend, and that on this occasion I wasn’t for them. At least they bothered to reply but at the same time I wish I didn’t know that I was competing with 250 people for every job. By this point I started to think I am going to have to widen the search. Applying for jobs that I wasn’t looking for before but could be interesting, and also considering part-time jobs.

Getting the new job during the pandemic

During one of my many hours looking for a new job I applied for a 20 hour a week social media assistant job. And although I was a little concerned as the job was only advertised as 20 hours a week and I would need to find a second job to be able to earn enough money it had to be worth a try. I had all the requirements and I felt like I fitted the job description. Although by this point I had sort of decided that it wasn’t worth looking too much into it, as I probably wouldn’t hear back.

The day after I applied I got a phone call back from the recruitment guy. He asked me a few generic questions about my application and we had a little chat about my hobbies. He also happened to be looking at my blog at the time of talking to me on the phone. At the end of the call I was invited to an interview with him the following week.

Interviews during a pandemic

So the following week I put my usual interview outfit on. Check out my blog about Group Interviews to see what I advise about dressing for interviews. And set off in the car for my “socially distanced” interview.

It was a little odd as there obviously was no hand shaking during the greeting and finishing of the interview. I guess though having seen friends and family that is the same as when you see them at the moment. He asked me about the 20 hour situation and I was honest and said I would have to find a second job but I was prepared to do this for the right job. Overall I felt the interview went well. I felt very relaxed and didn’t feel like any of the questions were too hard or anything in the job description was beyond me.

A little tip for interviews, that I did using this one. If when they are wrapping up the interview they haven’t said when to hear from them always ask. In this case I was told probably the next couple of days. Which wasn’t actually the case as I had an email that evening inviting me to meet what could be my future boss. In a “not interview” but meeting as I was told. But it was still an interview because if she didn’t like me it would be the end of that road.

“Not an” Interview number 2 during a pandemic

The following week I headed out to meet what could be my future boss. Not really feeling prepared for this one as I had been told it was a meeting. It actually was absolutely fine and I was basically offered the job there and then. What was also made clear is that they could actually offer me full time! What a relief that was when this was made clear what my job would be.

I got a new job during the pandemic!

So as of 1st July I started a new job as a social media coordinator! I work for a small family run outdoor toy company. And if I am being honest I am really enjoying it so far. I have nice colleagues in the office. The commute is only 30 minutes. And I am being given lots to do and trusted straight away to get the job done right.

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  1. Congratulations. A job : pandemic : redundancy : a new job. It reads like you took it all in your stride.
    Agree on those interview tips too.
    Well done

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