So as you will know if you read my previous blogs I moved back to Shrewsbury at the start of June to move in with my lovely bestie Bessie. At the end of June, Bessie went away to Ireland to see her boyfriend and so I have been living alone since then. I have been thinking recently about the pros and cons of living alone and thought I would share them with you.

Where we live?

We live in a lovely little two bed terraced house. It’s in walking distance of town and has a small garden. Probably what you’re wondering is, why am I telling you this? Well, I think without knowing this you can’t know the meaning of some of the pros and cons.

Pros of living alone

  1. Nobody wakes you up late at night or early in the morning

I love to sleep, my Mum has said many a time that I am related to a dormouse because of the amount I like to sleep. Now I am not saying that anyone ever makes noise on purpose. But for example in this house, the stairs are really noisy. It is just because they are old but they do make a lot of noise. So for me the best pro of living alone is the fact that no one else wakes you up!

2. The shower is always free

Let me explain this a little bit first. To start with we only have one bathroom with a toilet, sink and bath in the room and then a shower room (shower and sink) which is like an ensuite from Bessie’s room. So being able to shower without having to check what the other person is doing first is really nice.

3. Never have to clear anyone else’s mess up

This is definitely a pro of living alone. If there is mess there is really only one person to blame. Now I am not saying that I am not a messy person but at least it is only my mess. It also means there’s no pressure on me to tidy if I don’t feel like it because it is only me who sees all the mess.

Cons of living alone

So I have definitely thought of more cons than pros of living alone. But I have reduced this to three because I think these are the key ones.

  1. When you are out of food there is only yourself to blame

This happened to me today, I went to the fridge and there was no milk for my cereal. The most annoying part of this is that I remember thinking yesterday I needed to buy milk on my way home and yet it wasn’t until this morning that I remembered I didn’t buy any! It was a very annoying moment and this is definitely not the first or last time this has happened. Its also always things like milk that you are out of too.

2. It can be a little bit lonely

I didn’t really mind being on my own to start with but the novelty is now starting to wear off. I think its the worst over the weekend if I don’t have any plans. Which can mean I don’t speak face to face with anyone from finishing work on Friday until going back to work on Monday. Which is actually quite sad really. I do text and call friends but its not the same as seeing and speaking face to face. I also think that now the dark nights are starting to set in it is also going to be worst being on your own. Quite often I go for a walk after work but I don’t think that will happen if its dark.

3. No one to help with the house work / garden

Like I said we only live in a small house and as there is only me in it and I am not a messy person. The housework only has to be done every two weeks. But OMG do I dislike doing it! With the garden, which considering how small it is, it always feels like there is a lot that has to be done. For example we only have the smallest amount of grass but it always seems to grow all of a sudden and looks like it needed cutting a week ago.

So that is my pros and cons of living alone.

It is both great but also not so great. I have enjoyed living alone and having never done it before it has been a great learning lesson. I have realised I can live alone but also learnt that I am not really that big of a fan of it and would prefer to have a roomie!

Hope you enjoyed reading my pros and cons of living alone. Don’t forget to subscribe below to never miss a blog from me.