Obviously, at this time we can’t travel due to Covid restrictions. So instead of looking at new places to visit, I thought I would share with you my top 5 must stop places in America. It was very difficult picking my top five after going to so many amazing places! Maybe one day I will give you a summary of all the places I have been to during my two travels after summer camp around America. But for now, I will give you my Top 5 Must Stop Places in America (in no particular order).

1. Nashville Tennessee

Nashville is probably memorable for two reasons. The first was that it was the first city I visited after finishing my first year at summer camp. For obvious reasons, the first place you go is always one of the most memorable places. Probably because it is easy to remember due to it being the first of many memories. Especially when you then go on to visit many more cities in the following four weeks.


The second would be an amazing atmosphere. Everywhere you go, it’s all about the music, on the streets, all of the bars all of the city attractions. This also started my enjoyment of Country music. Which I still do to this day, partly because it reminds me of the city but also because I find that country music is calming. I know that doesn’t make sense to all people but to me it makes me feel good.

2. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

I think the Grand Canyon will be on most peoples bucket lists. It is one of the hardest places to describe because you cannot put into words how amazing the view is when you get there. I went as part of my Trek America trip. If you don’t know what a Trek America trip is, basically you book onto a trip and they do all the logistics for you. Once you meet them on day one you load into the van and off you go with a tour guide for the duration of the trip. I am very sad that Trek America are no longer running trips, due to the Covid situation, however, there are other companies out there that offer similar trips.

The Grand Canyon

Anyway back to the Grand Canyon. On arrival in the car park, our tour leader gave us all a bandana to cover our eyes, then walked us over to the viewing point. By doing this we really got the full impact of the view and how amazing the Grand Canyon really is! We also went for a walk which was super warm but also amazing to drop down into the Canyon, making us realise how small we are in comparison. We also went and watched the sun set and rise over the Canyon which is also pretty amazing to see. If you only have time for one visit this would be my recommendation, to see either the sunrise or sunset!

3. Seattle, Washington

During my second time travelling around America, I finished in the stunning city of Seattle. I firstly only really wanted to go there as a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. However, was amazed at this the incredible city and all it had to offer.

On the ferry in Seattle

There was lots of sightseeing and some amazing food eaten in Seattle. However, the highlight for me was the Ferry Crossing and then spending the day on the Island. It was a lovely sunny day, I found an ice cream parlour. It felt more like a chilled day than the busy sightseeing days of lost of the other cities. Lots of the time, the tours of these cities feels like a mad rush to see as much as possible in the short time rather than just enjoying the moments.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Next up is the party town of New Orleans. The main thing we did was party in New Orleans obviously. The main street of New Orleans is called Bourbon Street, it mainly consists of bars and party venues. Although there were little shops (is the best word I can describe them as) between the big clubs that only sold goldfish bowls that were pretty boozy.

Night out in New Orleans

The other side of New Orleans though is the incredible history. We went on a walking tour which was a real eye-opener to all of the histories that the city has. I really enjoy a walking tour, in any city I visit. When you are travelling on a budget, they often ask you to pay what you think the tour is worth. So if you are short of money but still want to see and learn lots about the city you can spend as little as you have. Most of the time I put in as little as $5 which I know is stingy but also I had little money.

5. Santa Barbara, California

So my final must stop places in America is Santa Barbara in California. Now I know what a lot of people will be thinking, there are much bigger places in California should be on the list but hear me out. Santa Barbara is just outside LA (1h30 drive to be exact) that oozes that Californian Dream vibe. I spent my days sitting on the beach or by the pool reading books and people watching. It was the chilled time you hope to experience during your travels that you never seem to have.

Santa Barbara Beach

The other reason I really enjoyed Santa Barbara was that I stayed in the best hostel I have ever stayed in. I tried googling the hostel and it looks like it has actually been turned into a hotel now! Which is a real shame because I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford to stay there now. When I stayed there I shared a room, however, the rest of the hostel was like a hotel. Maybe one day I will write a blog about staying in a hostel, for now though don’t forget to read my other blogs.

So that is my top 5 must stop places in America. If you agree or think somewhere else should be in there leave a comment below.