Working out that uni isn’t for you can be a hard decision. For some people university is the only way to get the job that they want in the future. For example, vocational jobs like doctors, vets or teachers need an appropriate degree. If I am honest, I am a little bit jealous of these people who know what they wanted to be from a young age. This wasn’t the case for me. Still now, I’m not 100% sure what I want to do in the future. But that’s okay, something will come up and I will know it is right for me at that time.

Career questions

During my time at school I always hated when they asked the career questions. Things like, what do you want to do when your older? I once answered marry a rich man and then I can do whatever I wanted. Although I thought I was being funny my teacher didn’t so much. Another time I was asked I said I was going to do ski seasons for which the teacher responded that’s not a “proper” job. What is a “proper” job anyway? During ski season your expected to turn up to work for a wage so what makes it not a “proper” job?

Deciding I want to do a ski season

I was very lucky when I was growing up each year my parents took me on ski holidays. (See cute picture of me skiing, about 3 years old here). When I was about 14, I went on a ski trip with my parents. We stayed in a chalet with some friends and I decided that I wanted to do a ski season. I didn’t know what I was going to do while I was there but I knew I wanted to be able to spend a whole season in the mountains. Before this I hadn’t got a clue what I was going to do. I did however have a list of jobs I didn’t want to do. Which I guess is a starting point!

skiing at 3 years old

Last years of school

I quite liked school up to A-level years, and then I think I chose the wrong subjects. Lots of people don’t know what to choose and so choose things that aren’t actually right for them. This is also often the case with choosing to go to uni. People go thinking it will help them work out what they want to do and three years later they’re still in the same position of not knowing. During the last two years of school, all the teachers did was talk about uni. As a student who knew they weren’t going this got very boring very quickly.

Visiting a Uni

I did go and look at a uni with a friend. However it was more because she needed a lift than I wanted to go. The friend I took is a very clever friend and the topics that she was looking at for uni courses were nothing I would have any interest in. This didn’t really help with selling uni to me. Partly because I couldn’t understand anything that was going on during that part of the tour.

Trip to Italy

In the February, half term of my last year at school, I went to Italy with a school group as a peak week rep for a school ski trip company. This sold the idea of a ski season job even more for me even though it was a big challenge as this was my first week as a rep, with no training or experience. What didn’t help was that we had the worst ferry journey over there due to the sea being a little wild. Followed by a student having to be taken to the hospital after the second day of skiing. All of this didn’t put me off and I came back wanting to go on a ski season even more.

The real reason uni wasn’t for me

During the summer after my A-levels I applied for a few ski jobs and eventually found one that was what I thought was perfect for me. So really the real reason I decided uni wasn’t for me is because I wanted to do a ski season! In another post, I’ll share with you how I actually got the job and what happened on my first ski season.