I don’t know about you but I am starting to get a little bored about hearing about the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that no one has anything else to talk about! However like many people the Covid-19 has had quite a big impact on my life. I think for many people after this is all over, their lives will be different and hopefully for most for the better. Just as the madness of the Covid-19 pandemic started to hit the UK I flew to New Zealand for my best friends wedding. (See more picture on my Instagram.)

On Caroline Bay in NZ without a care about Covid 19!


So I currently work for a school trips company as an events coordinator. What that means, is I do the logistics of the trips that a school has booked with our company. I also write all of the company blogs. During my second week in New Zealand I received a phone call from my boss. He rang to explain that with the current situation going on he would need to put me on unpaid leave for the foreseeable and at that time BoJo had not announced the 80% wages for furloughed employees.

To start I did think maybe I should stay in New Zealand I had no other commitments other than work so that could be an option. However having looked more into it and having spoken to people from home I decided that the best thing to do was come home and work out what to do from there. So as planned, I flew back on what seems to be one of the last flights to leave New Zealand. Transiting through Australia and Dubai (temperature tested!) before arriving back in the UK.

Moving back to my parents

With currently having no pay I couldn’t afford to stay living in my current home. I was living in a lovely semi detached Victorian terrace with my 3 housemates. So on arrival back into the UK we went straight to my house to move all of my belongings out. I was planning on moving out that house in the next couple of months and moving in with my friend Bessie. However this was a lot earlier than I had planned and she didn’t even have a bed for me yet! So we took the big items to hers like my dressing table and then everything else came back to my parents.

Family picture – picture was taken in November

What to do now?

I am a little jealous of the people who can still work from home. At least it is giving you some structure to your day. I am trying to stay in some sort of routine. So Monday-Friday I am still getting up at around 7.30 am. At 8am as a family we are going for our one exercise a day and walking around the village. I have also spent lots of time helping my dad with jobs like the garden and cutting wood. Turns out I actually don’t mind either.

I am trying to use this time productively by signing up to an online marketing course which I started yesterday (watching the intro counts as starting right?). Because I know that I need to keep myself busy during these times. I am also using this time to do all the hobbies that I always want more time to do. Like reading, sewing, knitting and crocheting – no I am not a granny! I will try and share pictures of my finished projects on social media as I finish them. I am also trying to catch up with friends that I may not have spoken to much recently.

What’s next?

Who really knows? What I do know is I have wonderful friends and family who will support me with whatever is around the corner for me. And maybe this is just the world saying its time for a new challenge and change of scene. This time also gives me a chance to really get in the swing of blogging on here, don’t forget to check out all my other blogs. I promise to keep you updated with what happens next!