2020 is probably one of the strangest years most people will have in their lives. My 2020 is definitely a little bit different from what I thought it would be but not necessarily for the worst. So to sum up the year I thought I would write a blog about the good, the bad and the ugly of my 2020. Obviously starting with the ugly, then the bad and finishing on a high with the good.

The Ugly

Living back with my parents

If you have read my previous blog, you will know that I had to move back in with my parents this year. Like most people my age moving back in with my parents was definitely not part of my plan, however, needs must and all. I may not have appreciated it at the time but when I now look back over this year it was most definitely the right thing to do at the time.

Furlough life

Just like a large amount of the UK population I spent four months on furlough. When I compare this to many people this isn’t actually for very long. However, it felt like the longest time of my life.

The Bad

Loosing my job

Continuing through the year, as of the end of June, I was made redundant. It wasn’t that surprising to be honest and I had started to prepare for this. However, this is never ideal to lose a job during the middle of a pandemic.

Dating or not so much dating

Like many single people, I have tried online dating this year. Dating during a pandemic is never really going to work, is it? However, I have been on a few dates this year but not met anyone that progressed to a second date. I also spent a bit of time thinking about why the unwritten rules of dating suck and shared this in a previous post. Anyway, the overall outcome is that I am back off the dating apps, at least for now.

The Good

New job

That’s right, I am one of the lucky people who started a new job this year! Getting a new job during a pandemic was always going to be different. I am now six months into my new job and still really enjoying it and thinking about my future with the company.

Learning I can live alone

After moving back to Shrewsbury during the summer, I lived alone for around four months. This was an excellent trial period for me as I had never lived alone before. Turns out I actually quite like living alone, although there are both pros and cons of living alone.

Hobby / craft project time

Probably one of the best things to come out of this year is the amount of time I have spent doing hobbies, mostly craft projects. Including lots of sewing projects completed during lock-down. Since then I have also made a few more items, including a pair of culottes, and some Christmas things which I will share in a later post.

Wool Cullottes, sewn Nov/Dec 2020
Wool Culottes’, sewn by me!

So overall 2020 has been a pretty good year. Yes, there were some ugly and bad, however overall I think we have to concentrate on the good.