If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago about what I have achieved in January you will know that we held out first Virtual Trefoil meeting! And as promised in that blog here is some more information about our Trefoil group and how our latest at home virtual event of cocktails at home went!

What is Trefoil Guild?

Trefoil Guild, is simply a branch of Girl Guiding for adults. There are over 1,100 Trefoil Guilds across the UK with over 18,000 members. If you are 18 or over and you have been a member of either Guiding or Scouting, or you are willing to make the Guide or Scout Promise you can join.

Each guild does things a little different depending on what their members want to do. Unlike the guilds with children, members of the guild choose where they meet, time, frequency and programme.

What do the Shrewsbury Social Trefoil Guild do?

All our current members are volunteers who lead various groups of younger members of the Girl Guiding organisation in Shrewsbury. Our group tries to meet once a month and enjoy a different activity. In the first couple of weeks of 2021 we had a annual meeting where we discussed what we as a group wanted to do for the first couple of meetings this year. We hope that later in the year we can meet in person. This year has got off to an excellent start with having held an event in both January and February.

Our Trefoil group with their cocktails

Cocktails at Home

For something a little bit different for our event in February we help a virtual Cocktails at home evening. Most of the Guild ordered their kits from Sipandco who are an online cocktail delivery company. All you do is order the ones you want and they deliver everything you need to your door! The hardest part is choosing which one you want! Others bought the pre mixed cocktails you get at supermarkets or made them from their current supply that they already had!

Cocktail kit from Sipandco

Then on Friday night we all joined a Zoom call, made the cocktails together, drank and chatted. It was lovely catching up with everyone and everyone seemed a little merry at the end!

What’s next for the Shrewsbury Social Trefoil Guild?

As it doesn’t look like we will be meeting in person in March, it looks like another Virtual Event for us! I think the discussion was to hold a virtual cheese and wine night! If anyone has any suggestions for other events that work well virtually that are not a quiz (I am all Zoom quizzed out) I would love to share them with my Guild and report back!