It has taken a little bit of time to come to write about my reflection of February. Mainly because I felt like I hadn’t really achieved a lot but a lot did happen. I wanted to carry on with my success from January and continue to craft, read and run however sadly this wasn’t what actually happened. Now looking back at it, it is not the end of the world but I do want to share what happened and what I did achieve. So here is my reflection of February…

Couch to 5K

So if you read my previous blog about what I have achieved during January… you’ll know that I had started the couch to 5K journey. I had actually completed my first 5K and I was feeling really empowered to continue running. Sadly my body had other ideas.

At the end of week six on my final run of the week, I twisted/sprained my ankle. I had the very sad time limping back home not being able to run. This sadly prevented me from running for the next week. Just as I was feeling better and ready to start again I was injured again. Which I will come back to further down the blog.


This month I achieved my challenge of reading two books within the month. I would have liked to have read more but it wasn’t meant to be so that is fine. The first book I read was The Stranger by Harlen Coben, part of my book club. I enjoyed the book overall and gave it a four star on GoodReads. It was a little bit slow in places but then seemed a little rushed towards the end. Skimming over what I thought would have been key parts to the story. Once I had finished the book I then binge watched the Netflix Series which I didn’t enjoy mainly because there was a number of additional story lines and characters not found anywhere in the book.

The second book I finished was The Thursday Murder Club, by Richard Osman. Again I gave this a four star rating. I was a little bit disappointed after hearing such great things about the book when it was first released. I do now wonder if it would have been so popular if the author wasn’t already a celebrity? Easy read though, a little bit predictable and nice short chapters making it overall an enjoyable read.


This month I have completed another section of my crocheted blanket. Now I have no more wool for this to go. I am waiting for the shops to open so I can take the section in to ensure I choose the right colour for the in-between pieces.

I also made some book marks, for the girls at work. They are just made from a little bit of fabric and interfacing very easy to make. If you are looking for a quick make that you will have the supplies already in your stash these are great. I found the pattern on Pinterest on a lovely website called Quilters Candy. Which I will definitely be going back to for more inspiration for sewing.

The bookmark I made for me first

Car Accident

Don’t worry I am fine. I am bumped, bruised, sore and a little bit shaken by the event but otherwise I am ok and so was everyone else involved. Sadly my reliable (if not a little damp) Clio which I have had for the last eight years was not so ok. Long story short I was on the motorway, a lorry clipped the back of a car and the car hit me, pushing me into the barrier. We had the police with us shortly after and then the paramedics checked us over.

Showing the damage to the cleo from the accident.
My poor little Cleo

I have spent the last two weeks with my parents looking after me. My mum who hasn’t got a nursing bone in her body, helped me dress, wash my hair and offered gentle rubs of my back as I was too sore for hugs. Dad has taken me out driving again to try and build my confidence back up.

So that’s my Reflection of February

It wasn’t the best of months but also having put everything into perspective it could have been a lot worse. I will keep you updated with how I am and what happened about getting a new car in next months update.