If you read my last post my reflection of February you’ll know that I recently had a car accident. I am fine and slowly recovering. I’ve seen a physio who is advising some light exercises and some patience which I can’t say I am very good at. Having this time off for recovery, has allowed me to spent more time considering the next chapter of my life. I know seems a little bit too adulty for me too. However sometimes it is good to take a fresh look at where you are at and where you want to be. Having done this I feel I am in a better place to say again why uni still isn’t for me.


When first thinking about the next chapter of my life I thought why not go travelling again. I always said I wasn’t finished travelling but somehow I have ended up staying put for the last 20 months (maybe partly because of the whole Covid situation). I know that at some point I would like to work in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Also if the opportunity came to go back to summer camp I would go without a second thought. Although I like this idea very much, this is not a practical idea option. However I do want to still keep this on my radar as a future option and will revisit it this time next year.

Moving to a New Town or City

I also thought about moving to a new area. However I quickly decided this was not the answer for me. I love living in Shrewsbury, I have made some great friends and think it might be part of the reason that I haven’t left. Although moving is an option I don’t think it is the right time. Another time I will write a blog about how I settled into a new town without knowing anyone! It wasn’t as scary as you think, but you do have to put yourself out there.


My other option is to progress my career by studying. I have thought about this one every time I have come to the career crossroads. Part of this stems from my love of learning new things. I am constantly learning, I spend a lot of my time with my head in books (I do quite like the “For Dummies” series of books) or watching videos online or listening to podcasts. All of these options are done at my own pace and only when I feel like it. However the thought of the structure of lectures and trying to take notes and keep up with assignments gives me anxiety. For this reason, I still fully believe that this is Uni still isn’t me.

So for now….

this is why uni still isn’t for me

Maybe one day in the future I will need to go to university to be able to progress in my career. However for now I don’t need a degree and I am not going to put myself under the pressure to have one.