I have successfully made it through the first week and a half of my new job. It’s only Wednesday of the second week, so I don’t mean it that I didn’t last in the job, I just mean I only started last Monday. I don’t know if you remember but back in February I had a car accident and hadn’t been back to work since then. So this has been a little bit of a shock to the system. I found I was very tired last week and took a break from blogging and Instagram but I am back and this is how I am making more time!

Yes, I know there is still only 24 hours in a day

This isn’t what I mean about how I am making more time. It’s more about using the time that you have more wisely. Part of this started because I read the book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. This was my first gift from my new job that they requested I read before starting my new role. Although some of the things Tracy states are things I was already implementing and some of his things are not relevant to this post. So I have taken a mixture of the advice from the book and my own ideas to show you how I am making more time and how easily you can do this too.

Plan ahead

Part of the reason I needed to take a break last week from my blog was simply exhaustion. A full week at work was tiring and I hadn’t planned my time very well outside of work. On my first day I finished work, came home and went straight back out for volunteering at my local guides group. By the time I got home I fed myself and went straight to bed.

Now I am planning as much as I can before hand. So when I plan my evening meal, I also ensure I have something for lunch the next day. I am starting work a little earlier on days I have an evening activity, so I can finish earlier to give me more time between leaving work and any evening plans. And planning and writing my blogs earlier (starting next week).

By looking ahead you know what to expect and you can make life easier on yourself. You have the power to take the controls, don’t let life control you.

Stop the Scroll

We are all guilty of letting the social media scroll take over. For anyone who doesn’t know what “the scroll” is, it is when you start looking at one thing on social media and some time later (has been known to be hours later) you are still scrolling. You are now in a black hole of social media accounts that you actually have no interest in at all and you’re not even sure how you got here.

To stop the scroll, I have a time limit on my phone for 30 minutes of social media a day. This is for all social media platforms, ish – I don’t include Whatsapp in this. I have also recently started leaving my phone downstairs at night. First thing in the morning and when I get into bed are the times I used to get lost in the black hole the most. By leaving my phone downstairs I can’t do this. Which helps me fall asleep and get out of bed quicker in the morning.

If you missed it last year I wrote a blog about Why I reduce my screen time? You might want to give it a read even if you think you don’t spend that much time of screens.

reduce screen time
Are you victim to the social scroll?

Write a To Do List

I love a list and so does Brian Tracy in Eat that Frog. My favourite thing about a to do list is when you have completed it, you can see how much you have achieved. If you write down everything you need to get done, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment every time you cross something off the list. I will even add extra things on that I have done so I can cross them straight off knowing I have already done them.

A to do list will help you focus on the things you need to be doing. It is also great when you have had a dip in productivity you can go back and refocus on the things you need to do. In the book Tracy advises prioritising the jobs in order of must do, to if I don’t get it done it’s not the end of the world. Which leads to the next point nicely.

Don’t procrastinate

It’s ironic I write this one. I have spent the last hour deciding on the topic of this blog (OOPS!). But that’s kinda the point. Sitting and procrastinating isn’t helping anyone. Either get on with the job or move on and do something else.

This isn’t what Brian says, he advises eating the biggest and ugliest frog first. Which I do and I don’t agree with. For me personally sometimes starting with the worst thing first puts me off starting. I like to get one thing ticked off my list and then tackle the big and ugly frog. I also find that if I am in a slump if I go away from the biggest frog and come back I can usually tackle it later on.

It’s about what works best for you. Maybe it’s a walk to get your mind in the right place or a dance around the kitchen to shake off the procrastination. You just need to find your thing.

Now what are you going to do with that extra time?

Once you plan your time, stop the scroll, write down your jobs to ensure they are done and stop the procrastination you will find there is loads of time to do other things but what you gonna do with that time?

It might be time to start a new hobby or even treat yourself to an early night or a good movie night. As long as you like the thing you are doing with the time you have saved it doesn’t really matter what it is.

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