If you have been following my blog for a while now you’ll know that I have recently been attending interviews and I shared with you how I prepare for interviews. Well my 5 steps to prepare for the interview all worked out because I now have a new job! So now I thought I would share with you how I prepare for a new job!

Why I know how to prepare for a new job

Having recently updated my CV for applying for new jobs I realised I have had 14 jobs as an adult. For some people this will be shocking because they have only ever had one job. However this isn’t that surprising for me. Considering the first 4 years of adulthood I spend the winter ski season in France and the summers either in the UK or in America! That makes 8 jobs to start with. Then there were the in between roles when I was waiting to go back on season. Followed by 3 temporary roles while looking for the right job. Finally my last two roles which gave me the skills to be able to get my new job.

Although preparing for all jobs is slightly different. Especially if you are going abroad for a job but the preparation is usually pretty similar. Maybe one day, I can share how to prepare for a job abroad or one where you are moving location for it? Let me know in the comments if you would like this.

So here is how in 5 easy steps

1. Rest

When starting a new job there will be a lot of new information to learn. Learning is one of the most tiring things we can do. So take some time for you. You don’t want to start your new job already tired.

2. Pick your outfit

I said it before and I will say it again. First impressions count. Yes you will have met someone from the company before but make sure you know the dress code. You don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed. Now that companies are also opening up behind the scenes you can even see what your colleagues are wearing on social media!

3. Practice your commute

You may have taken your commute already for the interview but what you probably didn’t do was commute during normal working hours. Travelling at rush hour can make a big difference to your journey and all though you might not know exactly how long it will take until you have been going a few weeks. It is always good to have a practice run. You may also find that a different mode of transport is actually quicker or less stressful.

4. Prepare anything the boss has asked for

With some new jobs they will now send you some paperwork to fill out or slight light reading for before you start. Ensure you have filled this all out correctly and completed the reading before attending your first day. Remember it might not make sense to you before you start but there is a reason they have sent it out to you before you start.

5. Write a To Do List for before you start

I love a good to do list and probably I think since writing more to do lists my memory has actually got worse, which may not be the best but that’s what a pen and paper is for. The time before you start the job there is probably a lot of jobs that you want to get done, make sure you prioritise them to ensure the important things are done! So for me that probably means that knitting and crocheting are probably not at the top of the list! Did you see my last crochet project in my blog Kevin the Fiat 500?

Now to the exciting bit my new job

From Monday I will be a marketing assistant at a marketing agency in Shrewsbury. I recently wrote a blog about Why Uni still isn’t for me from doing this it got me thinking about what exactly I wanted for my next step in my career. This job is that step.

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