In the last two weeks I have had a couple of interviews. Starting with Zoom calls and then going into their offices for ” in person” interviews. I have made a list of 5 simple steps on how I prepare for an interview. Hopefully these will help you for your next interview.

1. Research Research Research

There are 3 areas to research No. 1 – the company. This covers everything from what they offer to their social media presence and their company values. You may also want to look them up on something like GlassDoor, this website will show you reviews from previous employees about the company. No. 2 – the job role you applied for. Re read the application and check you know how you can match the requirements for this position. You should also be checking if someone already does this role. Maybe they are expanding as a company or maybe they are making a new role (this can be a great question- see below). You should also compare this role to other similar roles in other companies so you know what you should expect in terms of salary and other benefits. Finally No. 3 – the people interviewing you. You should want to know how long they have been at the company, what role do they do and how they will be working with you, eg colleague, peer or boss

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2. Dress to Impress

I actually shared a little bit about this already on my Instagram. If you’re not already following me please check it out @bee_lifewithoutuni. I share my blog posts on there as well as other tips and tricks to help you on your way. Checkout my 3 tips for dressing below!

3. Plan your route

There is nothing more stressful than not being able to locate your interview. (Except maybe the screaming of your parents when you are learning to drive) If I have the time I will often do a little drive by, if I don’t then google maps it is. Also double check you know which building you are going into. Last week I was in the right car park but hadn’t found the correct building, luckily the interviewer spotted me and waved at me from the window. When considering options for getting there maybe don’t ride your walk or cycle you wouldn’t want to arrive all sweaty, remember first impressions do count. When driving to an interview check with the interviewer that there is somewhere to park if they do not mention this. Some places need you to book parking. If you are taking public transport double check your times, being late to an interview isn’t the best of starts.

4. Think about your questions

At the end of an interview the interviewer should ask if you have any questions. I say should because I have had it before when they haven’t asked and very politely as they were wrapping things up I said I have a couple of questions if that is ok. By asking questions you are showing that you have done your research into the role. Try and keep it to around 2-4 questions they should (again not guaranteed) have answered a lot of your questions during the interview. There are two types of questions you can ask. The standard ones which can include; “When will this job start?” or “Can you give me an example of a normal day in this role?” or one of my favourites because I always want to learn more; “What do you have in place for learning? Especially if there was a course that would aid the company and myself?”.

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Depending on the company and how the interview is going you may also wish to ask more personal types of questions. This should only be done if you think that this aids to your understanding of the company and it matches the types of questions they have been asking you. For example; “What is your favourite reason for working here?” or I recently went to an interview where they were doing the office up and so I asked “What are the plans for the office space?”. These types of questions help you to get an understanding of the type of environment that you could be working.

5. Relax

My last piece of advice is a little bit hypocritical of me. I am the biggest worrier about these types of things. However once I get in the room and start chatting I generally relax, a bit, at least. I try to think that if I am not right for the job that is ok. For every no you get you are one step closer to getting a yes. You should be proud of the fact you even made it through to the interview stage because if it is like most jobs at the moment you were probably one of many applicants.

By relaxing you can show your full potential as well as your amazing personality. Remember they wouldn’t be interviewing you if they didn’t think you could do the job. Also an interview is a two way thing. They need to check you are right for them and you should be checking they are right for you!

So.. That’s How I prepare for an Interview

I hope that you found this helpful. I would love if you have any other tips if you would please leave them in the comments below. If you are attending a group interview checkout my previous blog What are Group Interviews like? As always thank you for reading and if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post!