If you have been reading my last few blogs (Reflection of February and Where did March Go?) you will know that I recently had a car accident and bought a new car. Specifically Kevin the Fiat 500. For those that missed it the Fiat 500 is yellow and my lovely friend Shell (who complains I never give her credit in my blogs) gave me the idea of Kevin. She had hired a Fiat 500 a few years ago and they had called the car Bob. From this I realised that the minions are yellow and that as my reg plate starts with a K it only made sense for the car to be called Kevin.

Kevin the Fiat 500

Anyway myself and my Mum have made a couple of crafty projects for Kevin and I thought I would share them with you.

Crocheted Kevin

Yes you read that write, I have crocheted a Kevin Minion that now lives in my car. I like many crafters was very good and quick to start crocheted Kevin, however lost some motivation part way through. Mum to the rescue though, and helped me crochet his eyes and sew him up.

Crocheted Kevin for the Fiat 500

The pattern came from a lovely website called Amigurumis Fan Club. I haven’t learnt Spanish to be able to use this website, the pattern is also in English further down the page! There are also some other great patterns on the site, so I will definitely be coming back. To see Kevin dance head to my Instagram!

Pockets for Fiat 500

In my old car (RIP Clio) there were plenty of space for storing items. Including pockets in the back of the front seats and cup holders on either side of the back seats. These were great for storing; road map, high vis, torch, de-icer etc. However as great at Kevin the Fiat 500 in there is a lack of storage space within the car. Therefore it was inevitable that we (me and mum, mainly mum) would make a car caddy for the back of my seat to hold all these items.

Car Caddy for Kevin the Fiat 500

I found the pattern on Pinterest, the website it linked to is called Bobbins and Buttons. It gave you everything you needed to make different styles of pockets as well as how to measure your seats to ensure it would fit. We used the ideas but made it suitable for everything we knew we wanted to fit in the pockets.

So that’s Kevin the Fiat 500

Do you have a name for your car? Leave your cars name in the comments, I would love to know more! As always thank you for reading and don’t forget to checkout my Instagram to see Kevin dancing and to keep up to date with the adventures of Kevin and myself.