Does anyone else feel like this year is flying away and they haven’t really achieved very much at all? Really where did March go? So as normal I am looking back over the last month and being proud of everything I have achieved. Does anyone else do this? Sit down and reflect on their achievements over the last month, week, quarter or year? I find this helps me feel better about everything I have done and find all the positives in the month even if it feels like you haven’t done much there is always more than you think!

Car Update

As I mentioned in my reflection of February I had a car accident in February which sadly wrote off my old little reliable Clio. I am still on the mend, I have been seeing the physio every two weeks and am slowly getting better. Still some pain in my back which isn’t ideal but we’re only 6 weeks into recovery.

Picture of my new yellow Fiat 500 which  I have named Kevin.
Kevin the fiat 500 – new for March

On a more positive note I have a new car! A very bright yellow Fiat 500. I have also thanks to my friend Shell (here’s your credit) have chosen to call my Fiat Kevin. Shell was telling me she hired a fiat 500 a few years ago and the car was called Bob. This made me think about the minions and as my fiat 500 is yellow and the reg started with a K it only made sense for them (gender neutral car) to be called Kevin. I and Mum have done some crafting projects for my car which I will link up once I have shared them on here.

Books in March

I was hoping to have read a lot more during March as I was off work. Sadly that was not the case. However I have managed to read 3 books, even if one of them was partly read during February. The first book I finished was After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry. This book came from a box of books from Bess, we didn’t keep the book after I had read it. It was very thought provoking at times. But also on the other hand it was a little boring. I rated the book 4 star on good reads though as it was interesting learning about the characters history and realising that the world would be a much better place if we didn’t lie.

My second book for March was The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. This was a book club choice and if I am completely honest I wasn’t sure about reading it before starting. Partly because (I am slightly ashamed to say this) I know very little about the Vietnamese war. For this reason I wasn’t sure the book would be for me. The book wasn’t difficult to read and some of the stories were interesting however I only gave the book a 3 star rating as it just isn’t my kind of read.

The last book I read in March was Normal People by Sally Rooney. Has anyone watched the TV series? It was an interesting read and I did read it in 5 days. Although I got frustrated at the main characters. The reason I dislike the main characters is that they constantly don’t know what they want or who they want. It was an interesting read but it isn’t a book that you must read like I had heard.

Crafty Projects

With everything going on I haven’t done much crafting other than the Kevin projects which I am saving for it’s own blog post. However I have made a new dress with the help of my Mum, of course. The dress material came from Dalston Mill Fabrics, they have the option to buy a Lucky Dip. Which basically means you get a selection of materials that they chose for a set price. Our selection was very good and I am looking forward to making more items from the stash. The pattern came with Mums Prima Magazine, which was great. Only thing that let it down was that it was printed on two sides and so we (I mean Mum) had to trace out the reverse so we had all the pieces.

New dress made in March

So that is where my March went…

I think taking everything into consideration it wasn’t a bad month. I still managed to get lots done and plenty to write about in my recap blog. As always thank you for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe below to never miss a new post or follow me on Instagram!