To be completely honest with you, I never keep my New Years Resolutions so what is the point in making one? Each year I think carefully, make resolutions and then along comes life and out of the window, they go.

Let’s take last years resolutions for example.  I set four around Crafting, Blogging, Reading and Running. You may ask why four and why didn’t I just start with one and go from there. No, I had to be slightly over-ambitious and have four!


My first was to finish all of my works in progress (WIPs). These are knitting, crochet and sewing projects that I have started but never finished. I must have been kidding myself to think I would do that. I know I want to finish them because I would like to gift them or use them myself. But, then I find new projects; I put the current project on hold and never come back. So maybe one day I will have completed this.

For now, I will continue to believe that the correct amount of WIPs is n+1, where n is the current number of WIPs I have. This calculation can also be applied to other things such as pets, bikes, shoes and anything else that you wish to justify having an additional one or more.


My second was to blog every week and maintain a presence on Instagram to help my blog to grow. Oops, you probably hadn’t noticed but I haven’t posted on my blog since April 2021. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to blog, it was that I lost myself and my ability to control my imposter. This is for another blog which I will explain what I mean at a later date.


My third was to read more books. This I did manage to do, in fact, I read more books than I originally committed to. I set a target of 24 books, and average of two per month. To be honest I had never tracked my reading before so I don’t have anything to compare this to. However, this was something I did achieve as I read 27 books last year. A definite win, and I plan to continue reading in 2022. I will review the “best” and “worst” books in some upcoming blogs.


My fourth was to start running on a regular basis. Firstly can I say that I was committed to this at the beginning of 2021 and I started really well. If you missed it I actually ran my first 5K in January, click here to read about it. I tried hard at this one, for the first six weeks of the year. Then I had a car accident (read about that here) and since I have had a bad back and have been unable to run.

However, I got such a positive feeling from the running that I have taken up more exercise that I can do despite my bad back. I am really enjoying Pilates, Yoga and more recently Zumba each and every week for Oct, Nov and December 2021.

I achieved other things

Taking this all into account, this doesn’t mean I didn’t achieve anything last year. It just wasn’t the things I thought I wanted to achieve. I think this has been a really important lesson to learn over the last year. I might not be where I thought I would be but that is absolutely fine. You can’t plan for everything and I certainly didn’t plan half the stuff that happened to be last year but I have come out of it as a stronger person.

No New Years resolution

Having reflected on this, I have decided to not have a new years resolution. Instead, I am just going to accept whatever life is going to throw at me and get on with it. Hopefully, life isn’t going to throw quite as much as me as last year but if it does I am ready for it this time. No expectations just living and thriving (not surviving)!

Hopefully, this is the first of many blogs for this year and I can share more of what I learned from last year along the way with you.