I think reading about different career paths is really important, that’s why I wrote before about Why Josh didn’t go to uni? And now we have Why Nikki didn’t go to uni?

How do you know me?

We worked together for almost a year and have been very close friends since. 

Us together with others we used to work with

Current job? 

Rates and Revenue Coordinator for Enterprise.

Best job you have had? 

My best job so far is the job I currently have as it plays to my skill set using specific computer programs and requires using a lot of lateral thinking, which satisfies the nerd in me. The team and bosses are very supportive and have always made me feel like a valued member of the company. My input is very much appreciated and as a bonus, I am contracted to work from home with the trust to get my job done. Working from home makes such a difference to my work / life balance, as I can still be available for my daughter when she needs me. 

Worst job you have had?

I worked for a small business as a customer services manager, which was a great opportunity, but faced its own problems. There was very little support or direction from above but very high expectations. I was so fortunate to have a wonderful team below me (which I will always be grateful for) but sometimes my team also struggled with the mixed messages being received, along with the screaming customers calling them names or saying the worst things to them, which needed my intervention. The job on the whole was massively stressful and additionally, I had to travel 40 minutes each way which was adding pressure to my personal life, as I was a single parent at the time. 

Do you have a dream job?

My dream would be to become a counsellor, specialising in children or young adults. I believe helping kids at an early age to stop problems becoming larger as adults, would be a massively rewarding job. I completed my level 3 diploma online within the first lockdown and was so excited to continue. Unfortunately, to reach this goal I would need a years full time class room training. The problem with this, is that there are no classes near me and I have other financial commitments. So maybe one day, I will get there! 

Why didn’t you gone to uni? 

I didn’t go to uni for a number of reasons. As a young adult, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t see the point going to university for no reason and being weighed down with thousands of pounds worth of debt, with the possibility of not even wanting the job at the end. Whilst I was making up my mind, I became pregnant which pretty much decided things. 

Nikki and her daughter

Did you consider uni when you were at school? 

Yes. I would loved to have gone to uni, but without knowing what for, it seemed pointless. There was not a lot of information available within school, which did not promote the idea overly too much. 

Did you find that the school put on a lot of pressure for you to go to uni?

No, there was not a lot of pressure at all to go to uni at school. If anything, it was not really promoted. 

Have you ever thought about going to uni since leaving school?

I have considered an open university on a number of occasions, which I may still complete but with a young family, I just don’t have the time currently. 

Do you think you might go in the future? 

Not to an actual university, due to other commitments but an open university, sure!

If you were going to go to uni what would you study and why?

If I was to go, I think I would like to study English Literature, even though this in no way helps the career path I am on. I love reading and finding the meaning in things. I am also my best self when I am being challenged with something new.  

What advice would you give to yourself in your last year of school regarding work/uni?

I left school in 2008, which means that I have been out of school for 14 years (yikes). I would say to myself  that unless you are really interested in specific higher paying job such as being a teacher or lawyer etc, then I personally don’t feel that uni is very necessary. Consider apprenticeships instead to learn a new skill and build a career instead. 

What advice would you give someone who doesn’t know if uni is for them? 

The same as the above really. If you are not sure exactly what you want to do, its not worth the debt. Try a different route, such as an apprenticeship in what they are interested in. If you do not like it a year in, its no loss. 

So that is why Nikki didn’t go to uni

As always thank you for reading my blog. If you would like to feature in my blog for having smashed the career ladder without going to uni please let me know!